Venturing through the darkening halls,
her hand a vivid white, sleep it dost call.
Sweeping down a cape for her rest,
nodding in time, her head seeks her breast.
Eyes, rimed with fear, sees the spoor,
monsters, and demons and what is yet more..
A pillar in the distance beakons her near
she replaces an arrow for fear!
Softly, oh canst thou feel the gloom,
she shudders and discovers the forbidden tomb.,
to an Ancient Race, lost without a fault
she has found the hidden Vault!!
Weak though she is adventure is her love.
With a wink and a nod she dons her favorite gloves!
Torn like a sneeze the doors they do crumple
To dust they do fall as our maiden enters
with a will and a prayer she begins her long search.
Cursing, ladylike, she finds the fragments of history
"Junk" she hisses "Rudimentary"
Slowly, our heroine begins to tire,
"This won't pay the bills back at the Large Camp Fire!"
A rumble in the distance alerts her pride,
"To hell with this, its time to Hide"
Giant, yet stealthy it glides into the clearing
Snuffling and shambling  almost beyong hearing

Grom, the destroyer, Troll of legend,
crusher of Heroes, fist and blugeond.
Seeks our WoodsGirl, now its her move.
Standing like water, daughter of Nipher
time to pretend that you are a sniper.
Drawing back bow, straight to the ear,
Grom raises his head, looks without fear
at the tiny quick dart, aimed at his pelvis
A crash and a cry, Grom grunts undamaged
the Woodsgirl swears "Now for his rampage!"